Bulk Mail Preparation
for Small Businesses

Frustrated with all the confusing postal regulations?
Want to save money on your business mailings?

It is true. The U.S. Postal Service has many rules and regulations that require mailers to standardize mail pieces for the postal automated sorting and delivery systems.

We have the knowledge and experience of these regulations that can save you time and money. We also keep you abreast of the latest changes and can notify you of these changes if necessary.

When you call us, we will ask you several questions about your mailing. Then we will be able to determine which regulations pertain to your mailing and how to help you prepare your mailing to pass the Business Mail Acceptance Center, which is often a time consuming ordeal for you or your employees.

Mailing many pieces at First Class rates can be financially overwhelming. When the mail pieces are uniform, and the regulations followed, the U.S. Postal Service will allow you a discount.

For most standard mailings, the savings on postage can be from 38% to 44%. For non-profit mailings, the savings can be from 61% to 74% depending on whether the delivery addresses are local or nationwide. The weight of your mail piece can also be increased from 1 ounce to 3.3, allowing you to include more information if you choose.

Every mailer must pay a fee of $190 to be allowed to mail at Standard Bulk Mail rates and another $190 get a permit number. Then each year, a renewal of $190 is due. You can avoid all those fees in the future when you use our service. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information.

With all the money you could save, why not call us today?     817-292-3347